Kiddie Rides

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Kiddie rides were the first form of roller coasters, allowing children to enjoy the thrill of realistic horse riding for only a few cents. What began as a hand-made Christmas present quickly blossomed into a global sensation, revolutionizing how manufacturers would create advanced rides for many years to come.

At Rockabilly Auction Company in Hartwell, Georgia, we’re passionate about unique items that allow you to step back in time and enjoy a simpler life. We collect vintage and antique kiddie rides for auction so passionate collectors can own a piece of history.

The History of Coin-Operated Kiddie Rides

In 1931, James Otto Hahs hand-built his children a special Christmas present: a mechanical horse. The gift featured mohair, an authentic cow’s tail, and of course, the advanced technology that rocked the system back and forth. Soon, he developed coin-operated versions so all the local children could enjoy the fun.

By 1932, Hahs ruled out the heavy wood-frame design and instead opted for the aluminum interior ride type. After he teamed up with a large distributor, Exhibit Supply Company, kiddie rides exploded in popularity by the 1950s. Department stores replaced their soda fountains with this favored, fun option instead. Even with the low regular ride pricing, companies with kiddie rides outside their front doors could make hundreds per week (equating to thousands in current USD) for the mechanical rocket ships, horses, boats, and unique rides, like egg-cream fizzes.

By 1977, larger corporations, like Chuck E. Cheese’s, began adopting kiddie rides along with the other arcade games for younger children who could not yet understand more advanced games.

Kiddie Rides Becoming a Modern Rarity

After the 1970s, kiddie rides began losing popularity as major vending companies chose not to adopt the complex service model. Instead, only smaller institutions created kiddie rides, resulting in less production. Because of the average size of kiddie rides, only a small age range of children could enjoy them, creating an underwhelming market for new developments.

All of these factors combined caused kiddie rides to dwindle. While you may still find one or two outside of a grocery store or at an amusement park, they’re far less popular than “back in the day.” This rarity creates excellent value for existing vintage and antique models.

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Are You Interested in Taking a Kiddie Ride Back in Time?

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