Vintage Movie Props and Film Memorabilia

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Legendary movies leave millions aching to join another universe filled with rich characters, unforgettable lines, and immersive settings. After filming such movies, producers only save a few key items representing iconic aspects of the film, like the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz (now in the Smithsonian Museum!) or the gold band from Lord of the Rings. At Rockabilly Auction Company in Hartwell, Georgia, we collect and auction movie props so that passionate film enthusiasts can own a piece of their favorite universe.

A Look Into American Film Prop History

The American film industry didn’t truly begin until the 1920s, when movie studios began creating both big blockbuster hits and a lot of B-movies that people around the nation could enjoy. A few passionate collectors would save any film prop they could find that the studios didn’t re-use after filming. At the time, studios didn’t understand the commercial value of preserving film props as memorabilia.

In the 1970s, this mindset changed when MGM Studios sold a collection of items from various films to one auctioneer for $1.5 million, including the well-known ruby slippers valued at $15,000. After this pivotal moment, other studio props teams realized the potential of preserving film artifacts.

Because of the lack of preserved movie props from films made prior to 1970, many collectors seek memorabilia items like vintage posters, autographs, lobby cards, action figures, and awards. For any film post-1970, items from the actual set typically hold the most value.

Vintage Movie Props and Film Memorabilia

Movie props usually include the following items:

  • Vehicles: A great example of a vehicle movie prop is the 1964 Chevy Malibu SS from the film Pulp Fiction.
  • Costumes: The Wizard of Oz lion costume last sold at auction for $3 million. You can find many prop replica options for memorable costumes, like the iconic Charlie Chaplin hat and cane set.
  • Weapons: Highly sought-after weapons may include lightsabers from Star Wars or the Walther PPK gun from the James Bond series.
  • Gadgets and trinkets: The volleyball, “Wilson,” from Castaway last sold for $311,000. Other gadgets and trinkets may include wands, valuables, games, prop money, sporting items, statues, photographs, and much more.
  • Technology: Robots, flying machines, cameras, transmitters, computers, and other tech props can fall into this category.
  • Household items: The 58-key piano from the film Casablanca last sold at auction for $3.4 million.

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