Automobilia Auctions


Automobilia Auctions, also known as auto-memorabilia auctions, are auctions that feature collectible items related to automobiles. This can include items such as antique and classic cars, antique and classic car parts, antique and classic car memorabilia (such as advertising signs and photos), or other items related to the automobile industry. Although some may consider them to be collectibles, automobile-related memorabilia items are generally considered by auctioneers to be ”antiques,” and are typically sold under the ”antiques” category. Automobilia auctions tend to take place at a variety of different types of auction houses, including those specializing in antiques, collectibles, or automobiles.

Vintage Automobilia Auctions

Rockabilly Auction Company is the premier source for classic automobilia, memorabilia, and antiques. We specialize in finding unique items from all over the US and bringing them to you at our exciting auctions. Depending on the auction, you may find items ranging from classic cars to vintage auto parts. You can also find unique car-related items such as hood ornaments, hubcaps, license plates, and even rare books about cars. In addition to the actual objects being sold at the auction, our experts are available to you provide information about the history of the item or provide an appraisal of its value. Automobilia auctions are a great way to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will add character to your collection or make great gifts for car enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind item or something more common, Rockabilly Auction Company has something for everyone. Bid with us today to experience the best in automobilia memorabilia!


Upcoming Automobilia Auctions

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APRIL 1, 2023 – Advertising, Americana & Nostalgia – Hartwell, GA

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Past Auctions

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August 25-26, 2023

Day 1 featured original advertising signs, clocks, and, thermometers plus toys, soda fountain, country store…

April 1, 2023

The auction featured original advertising signs, oil cans, gas pump globes, soda pop, coin operated…

December 3, 2022

The auction featured original advertising signs, oil cans, gas pump globes, soda pop, coin operated…

June 18, 2022

Huge variety of items, featuring the Coca-Cola collection of Ronnie Jackson that includes signs, clocks,…


Automobilia Auctions Process

The process of buying or selling at an automobilia auction is fairly straightforward. First, potential buyers must register with the auction house. Once registered, they will be given a bidder number which will allow them to bid on items during the auction. During the auction, bidders will have the opportunity to inspect the items up for sale and place bids on those that they are interested in. Once all of the bids have been placed, the highest bidder will be declared the winner of that item. After the auction is complete, winners must pay for their purchases and arrange for shipping or pickup of their items.

What To Look For at Rockabilly Automobilia Auctions

Automobilia auctions are a great way for automotive enthusiasts and collectors to find unique and rare items related to classic cars and other vehicles. Our automobilia auctions typically feature a wide variety of items, including vintage car parts, car-related memorabilia, vintage advertising signs, automotive tools, and more. Some of the most popular items found at automobilia auctions include vintage license plates, car hood ornaments, hubcaps, car-related signs and posters, model cars and toys, and original car brochures. Many of these items can be quite valuable and are highly sought after by collectors. If you’re looking for a unique item for your collection or just want to browse for fun, an automobilia auction is definitely worth checking out!