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Automobilia collectible items are some of the most sought-after and valuable antique pieces, ranging from Chevrolet ‘Chevy Boy’ neon signs selling for upwards of $69,000 to vintage speed shop clocks and more. At Rockabilly Auction Company in Hartwell, Georgia, we specialize in collecting the best automobilia items on the market so that vintage enthusiasts like you can add the perfect piece to your collection. Whether you’re ready to part with your collectible items or you want to buy your next piece, we can help.

What Is Automobilia?

Automobilia is a term for all collectible items relating to the automobile industry. The name combines the terms automobile and memorabilia, creating “automobilia.” Despite common confusion, automobilia does not include vintage automobiles, only memorabilia relating to the industry, like signs, advertising materials, accessories, and more.

A Brief Look Into Automobilia History

Automobilia roots date back to the invention of the first car engine in 1893. The automobile industry did not truly take off until the 20th century, when major manufacturers created a more widespread market accessible to the average individual.

Collectors often favor items from the 1910s to the 1930s, as this was when brands began developing their own logos, fonts, cartoons, slogans, and advertising tactics to set themselves apart from the competition. Automobilia antique signs from the 1920s, in particular, feature a new era of advertising that would pave the way for decades of revolutionary movements.

World War II greatly affected the early 1940s. With most of the country focusing on war efforts, brands had to make do with a lack of materials and funds, resulting in creative solutions like cardboard oil cans or neon signs. The years after World War II created the perfect environment for advanced technological evolutions that left many earlier items in the dust.

Porcelain signs are incredibly sought-after since they practically disappeared after World War II due to the material’s lack of availability. After the war, most companies used newer techniques like painting, screen-printing, stenciling, and lithographic processes on tin.

Automobilia Collectors Items

Automobilia collectors often seek items from major brands like Chevy, Dodge, Cadillac, and Mopar. The novelty in automobilia is in the branding, which is why seemingly odd signs or clocks can sell for so much.

Popular collectors’ items within the automobilia category include vintage advertising signs, curb signs (often called lollipops), antique clocks, and petroliana collectibles that can cross over between both categories. Anything pre-digital related to the automobile industry can find its home in a collector’s assembly.

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