Vintage Air Meters

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Pressure air meters measure air content and mass. Because of their rich history and antique aesthetics, collectors pay top dollar for mint condition air meters.

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Old Air Meters

Vintage air meters, also known as antique air meters, are mechanical devices used to measure the flow of air in a system. These meters were commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, such as factories and power plants, to monitor the airflow in ventilation systems and ensure that the right amount of air was being distributed.

Collecting antique air meters has become a popular hobby among enthusiasts who appreciate the historical and technological significance of these devices. Many collectors seek out vintage air meters from specific manufacturers or eras, such as those made by the American Meter Company in the early 20th century. The rarity and uniqueness of certain models can make them highly sought after by collectors.

Vintage air meters can be found at a variety of places, including online marketplaces, antique stores, and vintage industrial shops. They can also be found at flea markets, garage sales and estate sales. Some meters may require restoration, which can be done by a professional or by the collector themselves. Many collectors also enjoy displaying their vintage air meters in their homes or workshops as decorative items.

Collecting vintage air meters can be a fun and rewarding hobby for those who are interested in the history of industrial technology and the mechanics of airflow. The unique designs, historical significance, and rarity of these meters make them a fascinating addition to any collection.


ECO Air Meters

The Western Manufacturing Company created the first economy air meter (shortened to ECO air meter) in 1917. The first few editions featured a coin attachment so motorists could pay to fill their tire’s air volume using accurate measurements. In 1928, John Wood Company purchased the Western Manufacturing Company and merged with other manufacturers, combining the interests of multiple manufacturers.

Throughout the 1930s, the company continued producing more ECO models, though it did not see great success considering the Great Depression and poor economic times. By 1947, the most popular model came around (the 90 Series), featuring more competitive pricing and a system that could operate based on air pressure rather than electricity. You could purchase the 90 Series as a standing pedestal, wall-mounted, or coin-operated version, depending on your preferences.

While John Wood Company still produces various products, it no longer manufactures ECO air meters. Modern companies, like Super Air Meter LLC, have since evolved the way the technology operates, now offering the capability to measure air void spacing in only minutes. While new companies may make similar technology, nothing will compare to the vintage ECO models from the 1920s to 1950s, making any existing air meters highly sought after.


Collectible Air Meters and Parts

A few collectible air meters, popular among antique enthusiasts, include the following:

  • 1950 Tireflator Reproduction Air Meters
  • Eco 44 Reproduction Drum Air Inflators
  • 1950 Tireflator Air Meter Wall Mounts
  • 1931 Eco Model 44 Reproduction Air Meters
  • Original 1947 ECO Air Meters – Model 90
  • 1920s ECO Air and Water Towers

Collectors also take an interest in accessories and parts for the above air meters for restoration purposes. Collectible parts may include the following:

  • 1950 Tireflator Computer Faces
  • Fiberglass Air Meter Rear Door Replacements
  • ECO Air Meter Hoses
  • Chrome Cranks
  • Milton Air Chucks
  • G&B Air Meter Tags
  • Eco 44 I.D. Tags
  • Eco Air Meter Faces
  • Eco Air Meter Globes


Vintage Air Meter Auctions

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